Artificial Intelligence Bots – First Attempts

There’s no blog post today, but instead I’ll give a quick heads up on what’s going on. I’ve been busy with family things and enjoying the last few weeks of summer with my boys before they go back to school.

I have been playing around with, a ai bot website, where I intense to create my own bot for an AR app. I’m still working on a course where I will use the bot to be able to voice control my app and tell it to do things. I’m not sure how, as I’m not to the voice part yet. However, I’ve bee teaching it new things and plan to keep it open to the public. Since the app is essentially a car model with interactive pieces, the voice control will let me say “Open the doors” and then then doors will open. It’s been real fun teaching the bot.

The entire time I kept thinking how I could make a Jarvis from the Iron Man movies. Little steps first! My hope is high with AR right now. I plan on look more into other ai bot creators and give a quick overview for other beginners like me.