Bullet Journal

Bullet Journals

Bullet Journals. Does anyone else do them to put their thoughts out for the day? I have a process before I sit down and work for the day. It’s what I’ve done for years to help me focus my mind and prepare for the day. I use a dot grid notebook, since it’s my goto notebook style for anything in design. To organize my thoughts the best, I have 5 main sections. The date, the action list, meeting list, goals and sprint box.

First, I make a date box for the current day and then I go to the bottom to create my sprint box. There are 10 days in an iteration and I use 10 boxes to represent a point. I check up to make sure I’m on track for the sprint or if I’m falling behind for any reason. I then jot down every meeting I’m in above that with space between. 

My main focus is to sit and think about my goals. What do I hope to accomplish for the day? What needs to get done no matter what? I try to aim for 3, with the most important being at the top. Sometimes I have 1 core goal, sometimes more. They’re mostly based on the sprint stories.

Once that’s all set up, I start on my day. Every single action in my day gets marked down as a bullet so I can remind myself what I’ve done through the day.

Does anyone else do this? I felt like this used to be a trend when I started it, but once I started, I never stopped.I haven’t seen much talk about it at all. I’m posting this for those who feel like this might help organize their day a little more!

You can check out a picture of my current bullet journal. It’s from October, so nothing I’m currently working on is being shown.