This past weekend was a great reflecting point in my life. I turned 40 and while it used to be the “Over the hill” moment in life, it wasn’t. It was a weekend filled with family, friends and fun. I’ve been designing things since I was a kid in school, but professionally it’s been a bit longer. It’s been a smidge over 19 and a ½ years since I started at a small newspaper in Dearborn, MI. Looking back on my career path and changes, I’ve done a lot. Here’s a quick list of a few that I remember from my time. The numbers are a bit fuzzy, but it’s all generally speaking!

As a Graphic Designer

  • Created 1000’s of Print Ads for newspapers
  • Laid over 100 magazines and catalogs
  • Created dozens of front page publication designs
  • Created over a 100 poster design
  • Designed over a 100 logos

As a Web Designer/UI/UX Designer

  • Designed 100’s of websites with a focus on usability and accessibility
  • Designed and coded dozens of WordPress sites
  • Created 100’s of Flash animated banners and advertisements
  • Designed 100’s of animation in Flash
  • Coded a dozen interactive Flash sites
  • Designed over 2000 Ad banners for google, facebook, instagram and web pages
  • Helped 100s of companies go from no website/make from home site, to a thriving business with sales that multiplied.
  • Coded dozens of interactive sites with HTML/CSS/JS
  • Created a hand full of design systems

As a Product Designer

  • Designed the interface of over a dozen applications that launched successfully
  • Took part in saving 1000’s of hours and well over a million in costs for the user and the customer.
  • Created trust with users that their voice is heard
  • Talk with 100’s of users, getting to know them and their life and finding out who they are as a person and how I could make their life easier.
  • Spent 1000’s of hours doing user research, usability testing, persona creating, task flows, journey mapping, sketching and creating wireframes and interactive prototypes.

On the side 

  • Design enthusiast
  • Mentored a lot of people in design and usability
  • Created dozens of WordPress sites
  • Created 100s of flash animations
  • Created a couple games in Unity
  • Designed multiple logos for companies
  • Designed dozens of youtube banners and instagram ads
  • Created youtube intro animations
  • Sold a few created icon packs
  • Spoke at a dozen meetup events
  • Spoke about UX at a WordPress Conference
  • Took part in Inktober for the past few years
  • Draw daily

Current outside ventures

  • Creating my own game in Unity 
  • Creating stickers / digital art to sell in an ecommerce setting
  • Get more into the video game industry

Overall, I’ve met 1000’s of people and connected with a great community of designers and developers. A lot I talk to as friends to this very day. Though my life has had its fair share of twists and turns, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.