I mentioned a few weeks ago that my current goal was to complete a game tutorial, then reskin it and revamp it to make it look like my own. Something as a challenge to myself to get into gaming. I got stuck in the trap of perfection. Why would I post on my blog if I didn’t have any cool sketches to show off my progress in revamping it? The worst part was that I never even finished the tutorial! Well I finally finished it earlier this week. There was a blocker for a small part that didn’t really affect the game but it was driving me crazy.

The blocker was some game save function. I’m not sure what was going on, but it kept throwing an error in the console. Did it save? Yes. Then who cares? The function was a simple flashing “Game Saved” notification that flashed when the game saved every 60 seconds. It wasn’t necessary at all, but if I skipped this part, then what else would I skip on my way to learning how to make games? I didn’t want to let it slide, so I went back multiple times watching the videos over and over. I still couldn’t figure it out, so I reached out and asked a question online. Yes, a simple thing to do but I was afraid that people would point out something dumb or worse, nobody would respond at all.

Within 24 hours, the course instructor responded! He gave easy and clear instructions on how to fix my issue. I don’t recall seeing that part, however I was just very happy it was finally working without throwing errors! I’ll continue to learn and keep an eye out for the small things. 

For now, here’s a screenshot of the finished game. This is step 1. Step 2 will be laying out some ideas I have for making it my own with my own artwork at style.