skullbots finalized sketch

I finally got my skullbots down to the finals! I’ve adjusted it to 7, but 1 of them may get ditched. Why? There may be some adjustments in Illustrator that’ll either create more space or save more space.

How did I choose the finals?

Finding the right skullbots to use for this project was tough. I wanted to get a variety of feedback, so I leveraged my social media accounts. Facebook, twitter and instagram were used to get some feedback on what people liked. Some of the skullbots were big hits! However, there were a few that I was kind of hesitant on and didn’t make the final list. Since my main focus was to get a variety of feedback, I did favor the feedback of people that also showed off their sticker collection. After all, these people will probably buy them! That’s not all I did, I made sure to take the feedback from those who could potentially buy stickers and those who were just fans of skulls/robots

There is an outlier though! I wanted to combine two of my sketches together to create one single skullbot. The skullbot with the headset was cool, but my wife really wasn’t digging the mouth. She suggested that I use the mouth from one skullbot and put it on that one. That gave me a great idea for future projects. What if I made pieces, and created an art kit out of it? Something to keep in mind

Next Steps on Skullbots

So I got the sketches, now what? Each day this week I’ll spend time recreating each sketch. Each skullbot will get it’s own personal attention so I’m not just ripping through them. The process will include bringing the image into Adobe Illustrator and retracing into a vector format. This is where it may change from the original idea, but it’ll still look great!

Interested in following my sketches as I finish them? I’ll be making sure to keep posting actively after each vector is finished. If you can’t wait, or social media is your thing, you can follow me on twitter and instagram.

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