I didn’t sketch today, instead I looked up potential vendors to print my stickers. There’s a lot to the sticker game! I’m trying to give some variety with having 6 individual stickers to a sticker sheet. I think I narrowed it down after a few hours of research to a place that’ll do 125 sheets for $129 at stickergiant.com which isn’t too bad! I’m starting to get into pricing models. Do I over value myself at like $10? Undervalue at $3? Or hit the sweet spot at like $5. I figure if I can come up with an awesome landing page and treat them like a limited offer, I could probably sell them for a lot higher.

That landing page will be a mocked up something here or possibly over at http://www.overthecliffdesigns.com . I just need to figure out the logistics of it all when I finally get the stickers. I’ll test around some ideas and come back with a nice number. I’m aiming for a sticker sheet, but I’m not against 1 off custom designs.