Here’s a random snap of me reading in the waiting room my wife took while at the hospital. The book neatly hides my 4-6″ goatee and gives me the nice appearance of a clean shaven man. It’s been a crazy week involving multiple trips to the hospital for family reasons so I haven’t been able to do any actual work in Unity or programming this week. On with what little I’ve looked into this week.


Make VR Designs

I saved this early in the week to try later so I could hook up my Merge VR and try to see what I could do. While I haven’t done that, and haven’t gone through it to see if it’s worth doing, I plan on checking it out later this week. It’s on my list!



I was looking over at my Yeti mic wondering if I could use it with Cortana on my Windows machine to make it do stuff for me. I figure Cortana on my xbox interrupts me all the time mid-game asking me if I want something, why not my PC? Well it turns out to work just fine! I’ve been mainly opening up applications by saying “Hey Cortana, Launch…” followed by the name of the program.

To set it up, just go to Settings > Cortana and make sure it’s checked to “On” for “Let Cortana respond to ‘Hey Cortana’”. That’s it! You’re now set up to talk to your computer with your mic.


Inclusive Web-based Virtual Reality: A11Y & WebXR Immerses the Visually Impaired Webinar

This is a meetup BUT it’s also a free webinar, so check it out! Here’s a description from their page:

This presentation will showcase different approaches to accessibility in web-based virtual reality. Specifically, we will present an experience designed for visually impaired and blind users, showcased on the Oculus Go, empowered by spatial sound and audio navigation. We will also touch on a collaborative project with Equal Entry, that uses spatial audio in a virtual representation of a critical NYC street crossing, to train and prepare blind users to navigate and orient themselves in the everchanging urban jungle of Manhattan.

Thanks again everybody for checking this blog post out. If there’s anything you wanna show me, have me try out or just look in to, make sure to reach out!