Everybody needs a refresh sometimes, and this is my temporary refresh. I’ve had my portfolio site up for nearly two years, showing off stuff that’s almost 4 years old. What’s the point in that? The web design changed, but the projects remained the same. I kept telling myself when I get the time, I’ll properly update my portfolio site with new projects, new case studies and explain everything I do and all that jazz. I’d fill it with all that design bullshit jargon that everybody looks for in a designer with words that are supposed to make it sound like you deserve the title “President of Everything Design”. I’d name drop every UX twitter handle I follow, quote everything they say and walk around with a big jewel encrusted rod touting the next big thing.

That’s not me. Those who know me personally are possibly laughing right now about how ridiculous I’d look and sound doing any of that. Whoever has spent more than 10 minutes with me knows that I like to simplify every little thing. I don’t like making everything I do sound like I just came down the mountain declaring the commandments of design. What I do is get super excited about things I learn. Hounding people and oversharing something I learned so they can know about it too is just something I’m a natural at in life.

That’s what this blog is going to continue being about. I’ve archived everything from the past so it’s not page after page of my old exciting times. Going forward, my new focus is going to be centered around my current loves and passions. Right now I’ve been getting into the idea of AR and maybe even VR. There’s a few Udemy courses ready to go as I learn the basics of Unity 3D and C# programming. Why did I choose Unity over Unreal? There was more info in my search when it came to AR/VR for Unity 3D, so that’s the direction I took. Nothing personal and I don’t hold any loyalty over one or the other. I’ve used Unreal in the past and I’ve loved it, but this is just the way I’m going.

The ultimate goal here is to create AR or VR games for gamers to enjoy and play. Video games have always been a big part of my life growing up and even at 35 as of this writing, I still dream of being in the gaming industry. So why not start now? Ready. Set. Go.

Ok, not yet. I’m not done talking and referencing myself in this blog. I’m still a web designer! I still love opening up Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe XD on a daily basis to create great designs. Will that stop? Of course not! I’d love to pick up some freelance work, especially for the gaming industry. All my work and side projects will be shown on the portfolio link that goes to my Behance page, https://www.behance.net/cliffnowicki. Go check it out! Unlike your typical portfolio where people put their best 5 or so pieces, I’m just putting up everything. Why not?

This page will be centered around my next journey as well as my passions. I’d love for you to share and check me out and everything on this page as it continues.