I’ve always wanted to buy a headset for my phone that would allow me to slide my phone in and watch VR. Yesterday I picked up a Merge VR headset for about $15 at Microcenter. I originally went there for a spare mouse, but I don’t think I could ever just go into that store and get what I came for and leave. There were a handful of headsets to choose from for my phone that ranged from $5 to $50. The ability to open up a window for AR is what sold me on this particular set.

The headset sat on my dresser until today when it finally saw some use. You think for someone so excited about it, he’d try it first thing right? My phone didn’t have any particular VR programs on it, but I was reading a book about VR today and it mentioned a website with the full video experience. The video is a short one called “Clouds over Sidra” which gives you a VR mode. It was super fun to watch for the first time! While my phone had about 15% battery when I started, I passed the headset around to the family so they could check it out and they were all amazed.

For the first time my kids experienced VR in a way and they were super excited and happy. It was different. After watching them half stumble, reach out as if they could touch someone, we had to set some ground rules. The first one is obviously space. What was I thinking passing them the headset in a crowded room? No touching, no stepping in front of people and no trying to mess around while having the headset and earbuds in.

I’m currently looking for all the VR stuff I can find for my phone so I can test out this headset.