I’ve posted a video before on a quick set I did in Unity 3D with two space soldiers jumping up and down. I used a Frame Capturer package I found on github which can be found here. For this video today, I tried using OBS on window capture which made everything kind of janky and choppy. I’ll keep on trying though.

WARNING: I’m new to all of this, so feel free to laugh or just reach out and tell me all the technical things I’m missing out. I want to learn!

Today I’ve done something new! I started out with stuff that Unity already provides, which makes things really easy when you have no idea where else to go. I set up the scene by painting the grass on and making mountains with the terrain component. There were a lot of options for grass and trees that I used to just splatter around the world. It was pretty cool picking the random size of everything and the density of the trees. It’s almost like a hard to navigate Minecraft mode. Hard? Yes. I’m still getting used to the Unity interface as a n00b, but I’ll manage and be able to hot key and slide through it all soon enough.

I used an FPS controller to create that walking around view. Walking through the trees and grass was pretty cool, but I wasn’t done with the rest of my tutorial video! Adding in wind to blow the trees around was the next step. The levels of everything seemed to be off since it seemed like a hurricane at first, but I changed it down. It feels a little windy and its set at a sphere, so only parts of the map are affected. I managed to create a dust storm next in the mountains and later added it to my FPS controller so it followed me around. A Particle system was set to my FPS controller as well and the end result is almost a blizzard like feel, which I thought came out well. Disregard the fact that EVERY thing is green.

That’s what I did and learned in Unity 3D today. It was fun and my only regret is not getting more detailed on the map. Maybe in the future I can put together a local area? Maybe check out google maps and recreate some areas familiar to me? The idea is to learn AR, so that may be put on the back log of things to do when I get frustrated or stuck in the programming.