New Fresh Page Update Needed

I’ve changed my main site’s home page a few months ago to make it look more updated after not updating for years. Before, it was a full image of something I took years ago which is a little humorous, but at the same time added nothing. No background text to tell you what to do, just a big ole image. I’ve recently been getting back into designing, drawing and creating and I really want to show my “behind the scenes” look at my projects.

If you’re reading this currently, on October 19th, 2022, the page looks like a divi template at the top and you probably have to click the back button on your browser to go back to my home page. I’m not going to lie, it’s messy and not in any sort of organization in its current state. 

What’s on the list of things to do for this site?

  • Create global header
  • Create Blog Page template
  • Create a case study design on a project I’m working on
  • Create a better about me page

I’ll be hoping to get to these in the coming week alongside my game design project that I’m currently working on. I’d love to be able to properly show off what I’m working on with all my socials. For the time being, if you’re reading this, thank you!


New Game – Tutorial Finished

I mentioned a few weeks ago that my current goal was to complete a game tutorial, then reskin it and revamp it to make it look like my own. Something as a challenge to myself to get into gaming. I got stuck in the trap of perfection. Why would I post on my blog if I didn’t have any cool sketches to show off my progress in revamping it? The worst part was that I never even finished the tutorial! Well I finally finished it earlier this week. There was a blocker for a small part that didn’t really affect the game but it was driving me crazy.

The blocker was some game save function. I’m not sure what was going on, but it kept throwing an error in the console. Did it save? Yes. Then who cares? The function was a simple flashing “Game Saved” notification that flashed when the game saved every 60 seconds. It wasn’t necessary at all, but if I skipped this part, then what else would I skip on my way to learning how to make games? I didn’t want to let it slide, so I went back multiple times watching the videos over and over. I still couldn’t figure it out, so I reached out and asked a question online. Yes, a simple thing to do but I was afraid that people would point out something dumb or worse, nobody would respond at all.

Within 24 hours, the course instructor responded! He gave easy and clear instructions on how to fix my issue. I don’t recall seeing that part, however I was just very happy it was finally working without throwing errors! I’ll continue to learn and keep an eye out for the small things. 

For now, here’s a screenshot of the finished game. This is step 1. Step 2 will be laying out some ideas I have for making it my own with my own artwork at style.


Inktober 2022

Inktober 2022 is in full swing! For those who aren’t aware of what exactly Inktober is, please check out their main site at which helps explain it better and provides prompts. It’s a simple concept. Draw something in ink based on the days prompt, post it on social media with the hashtag #inktober and #inktober, then do it every single day in the month of October.

Sharing your artwork is always fun, and I love seeing people’s artwork as well! I’ve been posting videos of my live drawings on my tiktok as well as the still images on Instagram. For the past few years since I started Inktober, I’ve always gave myself 5-10 minutes to do the drawings. Why? Because I think it’s fun to just jot down a quick idea and see what sticks. Otherwise, doing a daily drawing would consume my world with all the stuff I have going on in my life. If you haven’t tried Inktober yet, don’t worry, there’s still time! Grab a pen or pencil and just draw based on the daily prompts! It doesn’t matter how good you are or if you think you’re terrible. I’m not the greatest, but I love drawing.inktober-day10-crabby-candle-illustration

This year I been focusing on a candle. That’s right, just a candle. Why? I don’t know, but I liked the idea of drawing wax and incorporating whatever the daily prompt is to it. It’s not top tier level, but I’m having fun with it. Here’s a small example of Day 10, Crabby. Which is a candle, but more in line with Mr. Krabs from Spongebob.



Where have I been?

Where have I been? Before the pandemic hit, I was gung ho about speaking at meetups, conferences, posting content and doing what I could to share what I knew. I would blog and make sure I had a steady stream of content on social media so I could network with other designers. Even before the pandemic hit, it slowed down. Where did the motivation go? 

Almost three years ago, I found myself alone in raising my 3 boys. Great kids. Every free minute I had, was boosting them up, playing games and teaching them some cool things along the way. Networking and sharing my expertise was no longer relevant to me. We spent countless nights talking about our futures, what everyone wants to be when they grow up. We became video game and board game fanatics. Enjoying life! Since I work at a company where I can’t share anything I do, it was a giant relief not having to constantly update a portfolio everytime I made something really cool.

I have a special person in my life who adores my boys. We all play games, watch anime and just have a good time everyday. That’s the recreational part we all love, but what about professionally? What have I been doing? I became an information gathering nerd. I subscribe to multiple magazines, I have dozens of books ready to read after I finish a current book. I also make stickers and 3D print things.

The biggest thing I’ve been doing recently is getting into game design. I have 100+ udemy courses, but one in particular is how to make an idle clicker game in Unity. Why an Idle Clicker game? Well as part of gaming with my boys, we’d all sit around and pick an idle clicker game and see how far we could get in two days. I wanted to take it to the next step and learn how to make one myself to publish. I’m working on the bones of it now and nearly finished with the tutorial. Next step is to skin it with my custom illustration work.

I can sit here and say I’ll post updates on twitter, instagram and everything, but will I? I’ll try too. The past 3 years have been fun and games and I’m ready to make some professional progression in my life.

SeptemberJanuary 2020

It begins again! I haven’t wrote on this blog since, well the last SeptemberJanuary challenge hosted by Jon Acuff. However, I’m doing it again! What is the SeptemberJanuary challenge you ask? Well it’s a yearly challenge started by Jon Acuff to encourage you to start and finish something in a month. Kind of like how we all have our new years resolutions, but in the middle of the year…ish.

This time I will add on to the challenge of last year. Last years challenge was to create a sticker and sell it. I came up with skullbot sketches as a sticker concept. The sketches turned out great, however something just didn’t resonate when I digitally recreated them in Illustrator. The month went by, and I just decided to continue on it next month. Life happened big time the next month, so the sticker project was just put on the backlog.

What a better way to rekindle the idea than with the same challenge? Only this time I’ve decided to change it up. This year the goal will be to sell 50 stickers. I’ve decided the sketches them selves looked raw enough that I plan on straight up putting them up as stickers! I do have a few steps that I wrote down that I need to plan out properly.

  • Find the skullbot or 2 that I want to make into a sticker
  • Finish it by making it into a sticker
  • Find a stinker printer and order stickers to be made. This one may be tough, because if shipping is more than a few weeks, this whole goal is bust.
  • Market the stickers. Come up with some google adwords, facebook ads, instagram and a variety of other social media platforms. Maybe venture into tiktok? I’ll come up with something.
  • Setup an online shop to actually purchase them online
  • Get shipping materials to send this stuff out.
  • Find a proper pricing to sell the stickers

That’s my short list of what I need to do. So much to do, especially in terms of setting up my own online store and marketing. However, I have the talent to do everything since I’ve done it all before. Now it’s time to do it for myself and see where I can go with it all!